Classic pub food, bar snacks, sandwiches, real ales and children's favourites served EVERY DAY from NOON until 9PM...

One of our bar/restaurant dining areas

(Sunday roast served all day on Sundays)

We are proud of the food we offer in our pub restaurant and tea rooms. All our food is freshly produced from local ingredients so you can be sure that we do not serve frozen mass produced meals.

LIGHT LUNCH MENU - available daily until 5pm

Sandwiches served with salad and crisps on white or wholemeal deli roll
 - Mature cheddar and Branston pickle £6 (V) Tuna mayo and red onion £6
 - Derbyshire roast beef, horseradish and watercress £6 Honey roast ham and mature cheddar £6
 - Smoked salmon, prawns, sour cream and chive £7

Add a side of soup for just £2
 Warm Ciabattas served with skinny fries and salad
 - Derbyshire rib-eye steak, rocket and red onion marmalade £9.50
 - BLT - smoked bacon, baby gem lettuce and tomato £8
 - Fish fingers, rocket, tomato and tartare sauce £8
 - Grilled courgette, roast red pepper, goats cheese and pesto £8 (V)

Jacket Potatoes served with salad and coleslaw
 - Mature cheddar cheese £7.50 (V, GF)
 - Tuna mayo and red onion £7.50 (GF)
 - Mature cheddar and baked beans £8 (V, GF)
 - Sour cream and chive and north Atlantic prawns £8 (GF)
 - Chorizo, red onion and goats cheese £8 (GF)

Side Orders
Skinny fries £2 . 50 (V, GF) | Beef dripping chips £3 \ Onion rings £2.50 (V) \ Garlic bread with cheese £3 (V) | Side Salad £2.50 (V, GF)

Kids Menu
 - Sausage and mash, garden peas and gravy £5
 - Fish fingers, skinny fries and garden peas £5
 - Crispy chicken bites, skinny fries and baked beans £5
 - Cheese and tomato pizza, skinny fries and garden peas £5 (V)


GENERAL MENU - available daily 12-9

 - Soup of the day with warm bread roll - £5
 - Wild mushroom and butternut squash crumble topped with candied nut and spring onion granola - £6 (V, GF)
 - Smoked mackerel ri lle tte, lime creme fraiche and crisp bread - £7
 - Ox cheek and Hartington stilton croquettes with Dijon mayonnaise - £6.5
 - Smoked ham hock and sultana terrine with piccali lli, capers and crispy prosciutto - £7 (GF)
 - Roast baby beetroot tart tatin, goats cheese mousse and baby leaf salad - £6 (V)

 - Steak and ale pie with beef dripping chips and garden peas - £13
 - Pork belly roulade with black pudding, curly kale and spiced apple mash- £15
 - Sea bass fillet on creamy crab, rocket and chilli tagliatelle - £16
 - Wild mushroom, gruyere and black truffle risotto with rocket salad- 13.5 (V, GF)
 - 8oz Derbyshire rib-eye steak and beef dripping chips served with grill garnish, leaf salad and peppercorn sauce - £17
 - Slow cooked lamb shank, cabbage, braised chorizo and butter beans in a red wine sauce - £16 (GF)
 - 20oz mixed gr ill, pork cho p, sausages, lamb chop, gammon and rump steak with beef dripping chips , and fried egg - £19
 - Venison haunch steak, sweet potato mash, pickled wild mushrooms and parsnip crisps - £16 (GF)
 - Chicken or smoked Scottish salmon Caesar salad with baby gem let tuce, pancetta, anchovies, croutons and pannesan - £13
 - Deep fried brie salad with pear, sticky fig, candied nuts, beetroot and balsamic hazelnut dressing - £12 (V,)

 - Beef steak burger. back bacon, sti!ton and Dijon mayo with fries, pickles and salad - £12
 - Beetroot, butternut squash and feta burger with lemon hummus, coleslaw and skinny fries - £12 (V)
 - Southern fried chicken burger, tomato chilli jam and lime creme fraiche with coleslaw and skinny fries - £12

 - Old Hall platter - salamis , smoked salmon, anchovies, hummus, mixed olives , focaccia bread, homemade chutney and a rocket & parmesan salad £18
 - Baked camembert with red onion mam1alade, crusty bread and salad £9.5 (V)

Skinny fries £2.5 (V, GF) | Beef dripping chips £3 | Garlic bread and cheese £3 (V) | Side salad £2.5 (V, GF)


Please note, we use nuts, fish, egg, shellfish, milk and gluten products within our kitchens and it is impossible to fully guarantee
separation of these items in storage, preparation or cooking.

Please inform our staff of any food allergies prior to placing your order

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